Kliq TinyTune


New York, NY (November 23, 2015) — KLIQ Music Gear introduces the TinyTune, the latest addition to its award winning family of tuners. Built with simplicity in mind, this mini tuner pedal was designed to get the job done quickly and reliably, and comes with a mini price tag to boot.

At the heart of the pedal is an advanced MPU serving up +/-0.5cent tuning accuracy with super quick response time. In true KLIQ fashion the full color display is bright, easy to see, and does not leave one guessing whether or not they’re in tune. The ultra-small footprint and rugged metal chassis allow the TinyTune to be equally at home on the busiest of pedalboards, or freestanding on the floor.

The chromatic tuner can detect frequencies ranging from A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz), making it ideal for guitarists and bassists alike. Other features include flat tuning of up to 4 semitones, as well as variable A4 calibration between 430 and 450 Hz – both easily accessible on the front of the pedal. The TinyTune requires a standard 9V DC tip-negative power supply to operate, and is currently available in the US at street price of $35.


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