Malekko Introduces Charlie Foxtrot


Portland, OR (November 19, 2015) — On the heals of the deviant Scrutator pedal, Malekko is now shipping the brand new Charlie Foxtrot pedal sanctioned by Pete Holmström of the infamous Portland based band The Dandy Warhols. Pete has been an integral part of Malekko designs since Paul Barker and Josh Holley relocated to the pacific northwest from Austin Texas. He recently had something special in mind and wanted a pedal contrary to anything else on the market. After many hours of refining the feature set of this unconventional concept, Malekko is making it available to all.

Charlie Foxtrot is a digital buffer/granular pedal with both auto-capture and manual-capture of the input signal. Playback and capture can be manipulated through several parameters: The six knobs control the size of the buffer, duration of repeats, pitch mode, threshold, mix, and preamp level. The first four parameters can be controlled simultaneously via an expression pedal or CV input in either forward or reverse direction, giving it a unique edge over other effects in this vein.


Buffer/Grain Size – Adjustable or random buffer/grain size from approximately 200ms to 600ms
Duration – Adjustable or random repeat duration from approx. 100ms to 10 sec.
Four different Pitch Modes – “Stutter” (no pitch modulation), “Up” (pitch is modulated in the up direction with a randomized speed and amount of modulation, “Down” (pitch is modulated in the down direction with a randomized speed and amount of modulation, “Both” (pitch is modulated in both up and down directions with a randomized speed and amount of modulation) and “Random” (this mode selects between the first four modes at random, but biased toward Stutter)
Threshold – Set the threshold for auto-capture of input data. All the way CW is manual trigger mode. With the knob all the way CCW, input will continuously capture at the end of each duration.
Mix – Set the mix from 100% dry to 100% wet.
Preamp Level – Attenuate or amplify input signal. Unity is at approx. 12 o’clock.
$189 street


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